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(Jan. 18, 2016) is celebrating its tenth official year on the web this month.  I say official because the site was actually live for a little over a year between 2003 and 2004.  At the time of that first launch, I didn’t have enough content to properly maintain the site, and so it was littered with links that simply said, “Coming Soon.”  I took it down in the fall of 2004 until I had enough content gathered to make it a more valuable resource, and officially relaunched it on 01 JAN 06.  Since that time, the site has gone through three complete redesigns, and now boasts over 85 pages of unique content completely hand coded and maintained solely by me.  This was during a time period that included a 15-month deployment, a year-long TDY in support of combat operations, and my 21-year retirement.


I know has declined in popularity over the last 5 years as it has largely been stagnant during that time.  I planned to continue to aggressively maintain it after retirement, but unfortunately I was severely O.B.E.  This year, however, I want to revitalize and update every single page to current Army regulations and doctrine.  I’ve actually taken some time off to work on the site full-time, and you should see incremental changes each and every day.  For example, I have recently completely updated my bullet categories to reflect changes in DA PAM 623-3 and AR 623-3, and as far as I know, it is the first site of its kind to complete this transition.   It is my hope to return to its former glory as the premier online NCO and Soldier professional development resource.


Training and mentoring Soldiers was by far the most challenging, yet rewarding job I have had, or will ever have, and maintaining allows me to continue to do so.  If you find this site helpful, the best way to help me out is to Like and Share it on Facebook, and let your peers know that the site is now being updated and maintained.   If you feel so inclined, shoot me an e-mail, I always love hearing from Soldiers, NCOs, and yes, even the Officers.  Suggestions, or even gripes, bitches and complaints are always welcome, and of course, any and all content is graciously appreciated.  Thanks so much for over 10 years of support, and here’s to 10 more.


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