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(Jan. 15, 2017) I have just completed work on a new NCOER bullet database. This database currently has just over 100 records, and will allow my users to query for very specific MOS related NCOER bullets covering 20 different specialties. My goal is to eventually add thousands of bullets related to as many different MOS’s, leadership positions, and additional duties as possible, and then eventually expand the database to include NCOER duty descriptions and award achievement statements, but for my database to reach its full potential, I need your help.


First, please try the database and provide me with your honest feedback—let me know what you like or what you don’t like. Do you have an idea for future functionality? Please let me know.


Second, I need bullets—MOS specific bullets, and lots of them. If you have a collection of bullets that apply very specifically to your MOS, please consider sharing them by simply shooting me an e-mail. I will categorize them and add them to the database. All bullet submissions will be greatly appreciated. I will be performing database maintenance every Monday, so be sure to check back then for the latest additions.


Finally, now that I have completed my database and its basic functionality, over the next two weeks I will be focusing on completely updating the rest of my NCOER content to reflect the new changes in DA PAM 623-3 and AR 623-3. This includes updating my NCO counseling guidance with examples using the new NCOER Support Form (DA 2166-9-1A) and new regulatory requirements, and my NCOER preparation flash documents. My immediate goal is to be done with these updates by 01 Feb 17. Future updates to my progress will be posted here.


Thank you for all your support and for helping make one of the most popular NCO professional development sites on the Internet for over 11 years!


Try out the new NCOER Bullet Database

For more information check out The NCOER Bullet Database FAQ


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